Between my trips to LV & DC, I was away for 10 glorious days!  Vegas had me beat down but DC lifted me back up leaving me feeling right & reenergized!

I took my camera on both trips of course but I just was not motivated to use it. Let alone carry it with all of the moving that I was doing.  I totally slipped into the less is more zone & pretty much rocked the iPhone camera the entire time. You know how I love the iPhone 4 camera!

Rumor has it that I will love the iPhone 5 8px camera even more.

The photo above is a snapshot that I got of my friend Allison aKa @alicewonder (Twitter) after the DC Sip & See. The image was processed using Camera+.

What I love about the photo is the clarity, the faux bokeh, noticing the versatility of my new stunna shades & how Allison is rocking my homegirl Afrobella’s new custom Mac lip gloss “All Of My Purple Life.”

Here is a quick snapshot of Las Vegas’ newest hotel, The Cosmopolitan. Well, the sign at least. The photo was fun to capture because I had to time it between people walking past & a long line of cabs. This it took 7 tries before I had no obstruction. This photo was processed in Camera+ using the clarity scene & Diana filter. Mindspill

Also from The Cosmopolitan is a photo from the deck of one of the top level suites. My homegirl balled out and the SHRM crew hung out in the lap of luxury discussing HR issues, education and a mix of hot mess with a hint of gossip, while enjoying the Vegas lights. This photo was processed in Camera+ using the Depth of Field filter. Mindspill

Lastly, I LOVE architecture found in the DC Metro system but I’m not loving the service. It’s slow, it’s too expensive and it is not unusual to see someone taking a leak in one of the cars. Yeah, I know, the NYC subway can get ghetto-grimy but it’s fast, and relatively inexpensive. This photo was processed in Camera+ using the clarity scene & Ansel filter. Mindspill

All in all, I’d say (again) that the iPhone Camera is a total win.

On a related iPhone 4 camera note, you have to check this out only because I thought it was awesome!  I’ve been jokingly saying that I was going to offer an iPhone wedding photography package. Maybe I really should!!! These photos look good.

And if you are an iPhone 4 camera geek like me, this may knock your socks off!