Last weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph social commentator, blogge & friend; Amber Cabral downtown Detroit.

Amber and I met many years ago here. At that time she lived in Detroit but it was like a year or two before we actually met in real life although we lived in the same general area.

The great thing about Amber is that she keeps it 100% at all times, even when you may not want to hear it. IMO, that’s what friends do. Mindspill

From jump, she has supported my photography, even when I sucked. Many of you have been with me since the start & I know you remember when I sucked.

Back to the shoot… Although we shot downtown Detroit, my goal was to not make the images appear “Detroitish.” I enjoy when people wonder where my photos are done. Well, unless I’m using a popular landmark like the Brooklyn Bridge. And everyone likes a little mystery. Mindspill

At our final location, we encountered a napping crack head, some “suburban” urban explorers & some random passersby that were all up in our business (always funny).

After the session was over, Amber paid me with a dollar store money order & we hit the Centaur for a parting happy hour martini. Good end to a nice photo session!