I’ve been wanting to post but the energy & time just have not been here over the last week or so. This semester has been killing me softly but I’m hanging in there until the bitter end.

Over the next few days, I’ll be working on my final assignment for the class then I’ll have 2 weeks off before the summer semester begins. Yikes! While I’m out for the short break, I will be in Vegas & DC. Guess who’s ready to leave now……

Vegas is business, DC is pleasure but I plan on having fun no matter what. I need this space. I need a space where I do not have to think for a while. I just want to be.

On a photography related note, I picked up another wedding & gave a pitch for a 2012 wedding (talk about planning ahead) this past weekend. I also had a very nice photo session, which I will post about soon.

On a iPhone note (as if you care), I watched the keynote access given by Steve Jobs et al last week where iOS 5 was introduced. Upon hearing Jobs mention 10 of the new features, there was just no way that I could wait until fall when it’s scheduled for release.

So, all of the sudden, I have a developer account and have been testing out this iOS that seems to be on IT crack. I’m totally in love.

My top feature thus far is the Notification Center. If this was the only feature coming in iOS 5, I would still be in love.

I’m also digging the new iMessage feature. Although, I can only iMessage a few friend nows, I totally see the value in this application. My one concern is how phone carriers will find a way to get paid off of us using it.

Other features that have me elated are

  • System wide Twitter Integration
  • Reminders app.
  • If you tap and hold on a song name in, a popup shows all the details
  • You can set custom vibration tones for each contact, so when it vibrates in a specific pattern you know who’s calling
  • When you landscape your phone in iCal, it gives you a week view
  • Swipe on the weather to the left or right on the Notification Center drop down to view five day forecast
  • When you download an app on the iTunes on your PC, the app is automatically pushed to your
  • iDevice and installed
  • Quick Camera launch from Lockscreen

And these are just a few features from what’s being discovered by developers. On my last check, there were 200 enhancements.

The only downside to testing in Beta is the speed at times & the occasional crash. I’m willing to pay the price to play now though. I ain’t tripping.