The last three weeks of my life have been quite exhausting to say the least. I’m currently taking a change management class during the spring semester & the class has me super stressed with assignments due back to back. As previously mentioned, I also had a sailing and kayaking class that sucked up 2 entire weekends so….

Yesterday, I submitted a 27-page paper that I had to present (talk about boring!) only to turn around today to do a humongous essay style mid term exam.

Basically, my mind is spent & I’m so tired of writing. Totally looking forward to the upcoming long weekend so that I can have a moment to decompress.

This afternoon, I had 30 minutes to myself and I used them to enjoy a glass or two of my favorite chardonnay, the sun and my lush green grass.

Just 4 more classes and I will not have to write posts like this…… I cannot wait.