While preparing my lunch a few weeks ago, I looked out of the window over the sink & noticed the robin’s nest from last year was occupied. Like a kid, I got all excited.

I don’t claim to be an ornithologist so I researched aKa Googled to see if robins reused there nests from previous years.  Evidently, they do not reuse the nests but may build over it.  I also found that the nests should be destroyed after the babies leave the nest to prevent bug infestations.

I actually thought about doing that last year but didn’t want to affect another being as I was not sure if anyone would return.

I guess the nest was healthy enough because Momma Robin looks relaxed out there.

I’m hoping that I will be able to see the babies once they hatch, but the growing foliage may prevent that.

The above photo was a little tricky to get so I had Olivia help me out a bit by holding back the branches while I almost broke my neck standing on a chair as I leaned over the deck. It was worth it though!