A couple moths ago, I gifted myself a Breville citrus press after lusting over it during a demonstration on the Today Show.

After I Googled the press, I was like yikes! It really is a luxury item. Not something for the average Negro kitchen.

Being the savvy internet shopper that I am, I found one on eBay for more than 50% off from a seller of refurb’d goods.

Days later, the press arrived looking brand new in the original box with all the parts as promised. I was in LOVE.

Since then, I have been making limeade, lemonade, lemon-limeade, orange juice, orange lime juice, etc…….

I have also been making some adult citrus based beverages like my ginger lime martini, lemonade with Chambord & Tanqueray and a nice blend of orange, lime, pineapple, & guava juices with sparkling wine (Chondon’s Extra Dry Riché).

It’s amazing how this press gets EVERY drop of juice no matter how big or small the fruit is.

Over the summer, I think my cocktails and family friendly concoctions will totally be on point!

Perfect Lemonade Recipe:

– 10-12 Lemons
– 7-8 Cups of water
– 1½ Cups of sugar
– 1 Tsp of rose water

The Jump Off:
– Juice lemons using your method of choice. If you’re lucky & got fat lemons and or have a Breville citrus press, you should be able to produce approximately 3-4 cups of juice.

– Combine all ingredients in a pitcher & stir well.

– Chill before serving & thank me later…