A few years ago, I stumbled upon the street fashion blog “Swagger 360” ran by street portrait photographer Karl Edwin Guerre.  I think it was around New York Fashion week spring summer if I’m not mistaken because some of the 1st images were taken near Bryant Park.  From that point, I was fascinated by some of the looks that Guerre was able to capture out & about in NYC & Paris.

“SWAGGER 360 is for everyone who understands that there is a big difference between style and fashion. Fashion is what you buy, style is self expression and how you live.”

Since I have been following, Guerre has amassed quite a reputation and following as his work has been see in Arise, Essence, New York Magazine & Vogue Black to name a few.

Last February, I sported Guerre doing his thing outside of Lincoln Center capturing style savvy passersby.

You never know who you will bump into in NYC.

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