Now that President Barack Obama has proven for the 50-11th time that he was born as a human in Hawaii, which happens to be an American state, we can go back to reality where the sky is blue, the grass is green.

Yesterday, I got to a fever pitch with this birther bullshit & posted this:

“The people questioning Obama’s place of birth & scholastic record are proof that some people really think a Black man is not worthy of greatness. Reminds me of when Malcolm X’s schoolteacher told him that he would be nothing. Reminds me of when a high school teacher (Michelle Ries from Mackenzie, I just put you on blast bitch!) of mine told me that college was not for me.

I’m actually taking it personal.”

Racism is so institutionalized in this country to the point that some people just don’t know it when they see it. Maybe they do know & see it, but just don’t care because they feel & are privileged.


With that rant out of my system this image is a play on “Of Earth & Sky” from 2009.

The field where I photography the grassy portion of “Of Earth & Sky” is no longer there. Three weeks ago it was razed by bulldozers making way for two new charter schools. I swear I don’t know why we need more schools in this area when two closed within the last year. Will students magically appear?