Back in the fall while in NY for fashion week, I along with my homegirl Asia Willis had plans to attend several shows in what’s known as “The Box” at Lincoln Center.

The Box is where all of the presentations were held. In case you don’t know, a [fashion] presentation is where the models are in standing form vs walking a runway.

When I learned the difference between a show and presentation then looked at how crazy my schedule was shaping up daily, I said to Asia, “FUCK THAT BOX.” We both laughed & it became our running joke for months.

I never made it to The Box although there were several designers that I really wanted to capture like Andrew Buckler. Mindspill

Fast forward to Fashion Week this past February where I had a change of heart in regards to The Box after talking to my homeboy Mike Williams, who happens to be a kick ass fashion photographer from Baltimore.

After a little encouragement from Mike I was determined to hit The Box.

The first presentation that I shot was W Hotel’s Global Glam. It was not what I was ready for. 1st of all, they were serving cocktails, a DJ was spinning some hot shit, the models were hot & the lighting set up was midnight chic, which set the stage for a club theme. Mindspill

Before you know it, it was damn near 11PM, I was dancing my ass off & I was like 45 minutes late for dinner with my fashion posse. I mean, I was like whoa! The next day I showed back up and Lincoln Center and there were all these stories, video & photos of me. Can you say yikes!!!!????

It was all good fun, just me being crazy as hell, nothing new there, but the stories. Oh the stories… The cool thing is that I got some great photos before and after the buzz! And I swear someone was smoking weed up in The Box! That medicinal shit.

After Global Glam, I was all in love with The Box! The next few presentations that I shot there were not nearly as fun or random but I got some great shots for my portfolio & that is a lot better than dancing around like no one is looking. Mindspill

Image 1: Yoana Barasci
Image 2: Joi Cioci
Image 3: W Hotel’s Global Glam
Image 4: Callula Lillibelle