Typically, a hour before the doors open for the audience of a runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, you can catch the models doing a practice walk somewhere between their hair and make up styling.

About this time, photographers lucky enough to get early admittance will have the opportunity to get a good standing space & test the lighting to ensure that their cameras capture natural looking colors.

Last season as I waited for the Vivienne Tam show to start, I watched the models being led by fashion show producer Lynne O’Neill do a walk through. It was very standard but I enjoyed seeing and hearing her interact in a very casual way.

One thing that Lynne said to the models that stuck with me was “don’t walk to the music, walk through the music.” Sounds simple but right?

Thinking about walking through the music reminded me of when Nikki Givonni said “people try to speak English instead of trying to speak through it” in her poem “My House.”

Astral traveling though music, language, life seems so much better than just being mindlessly there navigating to someone else’s beat.