Years ago when I got my 1st Lensbaby camera lens, I learned to think differently about what a good photo was. Prior to getting it, all of my images HAD to have tack sharp details and robust colors. If it wasn’t perfect, I rejected it.

After playing with the Lensbaby lens for a month or so, my position started to change and I grew to appreciate soft focus, things that were out of focus and distorted colors.

Most of that vision can be seen when looking at some of my macro floral work.

As I continue to develop as a photographer (that was a pun, get it?) I am starting to think a little deeper and not be as harsh on myself when I make mistakes.

If you have been reading here for a while, you may recall the incident where I was photographing in New York with my Mamiya on the wrong ISO setting, which jacked up MANY of my photos.

Months after I realized what happened and assessing the photos a 2nd & 3rd time, I found that many of the missed opportunities were actually new possibilities;for instance; this photo of Kelly Rowland. I beat myself pretty bad over that faux pas but in actuality, I found a new beauty in it, an understated beauty that can only be present when unintended.

During my last trip to NYC, I was mindful of my ISO setting but I was more relaxed when it came to focusing. Probably more so because I should probably be wearing my glasses when I shoot manually.

Next Thursday (April 14th) when I present at volume 8 of Pecha Kucha Night Detroit at the Arab American National Museum, I will talk about my concept, artistic metamorphosis and over coming obstacles that I created for myself using my NYC Analog Street Portrait series as an example.

Over the weekend, I will be preparing my images and plan to show some that I have yet to post. There should be a fun surprise or two or three.

The above photo is one of those missed opportunities that for me turned into a new possibility.