Most if not all of my friends in and around Detroit have a hustle or two or three or four.  I have two aside from my main thing cause I need to be able to support my shopping habits.

The other day, I was talking to Cousin Dee who was telling me about her new hustle and all I could do was laugh. I laughed because she always has like 3 or 4 hustles floating at one time & she is always working the hell out of them. I swear I don’t know how she does them.

When I say hustle, of course I am talking about something legal, well mostly. We all have that one friend who operates on the dark side.

I think as Detroiters, we, collectively are proud to be able to start something that makes cash and move on because we can. And it is always nice when a hustle can turn into a business, kind of like my photography.

With this said, I am going on record for saying that I am so sick & tired of that damn Chrysler/Eminem commercial. OK, we get it. Now stop preaching to the choir bitches.

On a final Detroit note; tomorrow I’m starting a new photography project in Detroit that is autobiographical in nature.  Basically, I will be photographing each home that I lived in over a 13 year period during my youth. There are at least 11 homes in all.

Yep, we moved a helluva lot. Gypsies for various reasons.

Some of the homes are no longer standing, some are dilapidated, some are now fancy condos. Strange how things change in time.

No matter the present condition, each home has a story to tell. Some funny, some sad and fucked up. Many of the stories that I will tell as part of this project have not been discussed outside of my home so I talked about this with my mother beforehand. I just didn’t want to put family business out in the streets like that.

In a few ways I see this project as part of some type of therapy. Maybe even a healing process, so I’m excited to see what happens.