When it comes to flamboyant fun, funky or fresh headgear, New York socialite & costume designer Rosemary Ponzo has it covered. Whenever she’s out & about, she’s sporting a look that makes people stop & wonder a) WHAT? b) Is that Liza Minnelli? b) Is that hat for real? Mindspill

When meeting her for the 1st time, it was clear that she is her own woman. The looks are a thing of nature and the styling is all her.

When Rosemary & I last talked it was outside of Lincoln Center and she was wearing the first look posted here. During the strolling convo, we were stopped repeatedly by street/street fashion photogs wanting to get her photo. It was kind of funny, especially when I was asked to move out of the way by the photogs.

Some times she’s too much, some times she’s not enough, but you have to love her!

Rosemary makes fast frineds as do I, so of course I consider her to be one of my boos.

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