The post title is inspired by Angie Stone’s song “Just a Pimp” from her “Black Diamond” album (1999).

“Sammy Chivelucious was his name

Played a very, very dirty game

He took the innocence from young girls

Showed them how they could sell their pearls away, oh.

He’s a pimp (He’s a pimp) He’s a pimp (He’s a pimp) He’s a pimp (He’s a pimp) Just a pimp (He’s a pimp)

If you ain’t pimpin’ for the dollar pimpin’ for the love you ain’t gettin’ at home”

This fine young gentleman may look familiar to you if you have been following my NYC Analog Street Portrait series.

I spotted him last fall during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in all of his splendor and I was actually happy to see him popping his look this winter at Lincoln Center.

He was just chilling resting against a pillar holding his briefcase when I saw him this time around.

I walked up to him & showed him the photo after I reintroduced myself. When he saw the photo he smiled. He then asked me what magazine I was with because he thought it needed to be published. While I agree, my series is not balling like that now.

Without any major media credentials, I was still able to convince him to smile for me again. He knows how to bring it.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the image(s) got published before I saw him again out in the wilds of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week? Maybe he would kiss MY panky rang.

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