What made my weekend awesome? Seeing Alvin Ailey perform tice at the Detroit Opera House that’s what.

Thursday I saw the dance group perform with Cousin Dee for the Access Dance program. Tickets were only 25 bucks for floor seats & we got to attend an afterglow with the performers, which was EPIC! It was a scenario that was easily worth 150 bucks or more. We were like, this is how you do theater.

The food alone was like…. YES!

Overall, it was just a spectacular evening.

Saturday afternoon, I took my kids to the matinee performance where we got a chance to enjoy a dance talk with members from the Alvin Ailey School. Maybe one of these days Sade will be in NYC for their summer program. She has a desire & we want her to make it happen. The idea alone is exiting.

As you know, no performance in one city is ever the same with Alvin Ailey so it was quite nice to see 6 different acts that I haven’t seen before or in a long while. And as I mentioned before, I LOVE “Revelations.”

Here are clips from “Revelations” & Suite “Otis.”