“He’s waited at bus stops all his life
He’s been in and out of those spaces
Seein’ eyes that spoke to him
From sad and gifted places
Sad and gifted places

He’s on his way
He’s goin’ to hollywood
He’s bussin’ it to hollywood
Show him the way
He’s movin’ to hollywood
He’s hoppin’ it to hollywood”

Rufus ft. Chaka Khan – Hollywood
When I saw her , the first thing I thought was “Hollywood,” one of my favorite  songs by Rufus ft. Chaka Khan.

The song makes me wanna sing, it also makes me wanna laugh because Cousin Dee says that whenever she hears it, she thinks of me catching the bus back in the day.

During my high school days, It seemed like I was always on the Detroit city bus going to school, work, the mall, downtown, uptown & to Cousin Dee’s house…

Perhaps it’s just an inside joke, but I think it’s pretty damn funny.

Pictured above: Ak-Forty Seven