For the past 3 years & some change, I’ve been rocking the same retro styled Ray Ban brown tortoise shell frames. I really only need the glasses when I’m in class or giving presentations so that I can see the presented material as I’m only slightly near sighted with perfectly shaped corneas according to the optometrist.

Most recently, I have become bored with my frames & desired something new & something bolder.

I had been looking at frames for the past few months but found nothing that really fit my style. This past Wednesday, all that luck changed when I stumbled into See Eyewear & found the perfect look.

The price of the frames, anti glare & transitions all made me gag but, it is what it is & I needed a new prescription anyway. I was bound to be fucked over.

My new babies will be in, in about two weeks & I cannot wait to rock them.

I may post a photo of me wearing them but I’m trying not to turn anyone on.

Stay tuned!