I was hearing Adele’s song “Rolling in the Deep” all over the place when I was at fashion week. At that time, I was not sure who made it but I knew that I loved it.

Last week, while getting ready to face the world as I was watching the Today Show, I got the chance to see Adele perform the song. I was like, oh, that’s Adele…

See, I had seen her mentioned on the SoulBounce blog but I never took the chance to discover her as they suggested. My bad, right?

So, now I’m loving the song even more & it is in HEAVY rotation on iPhone.

I went in search of a video and found some really interesting remixes to the song and video interpretations but the one above was like a perfect storm!

I LOVE Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game” and to hear it mashed with “Rolling in the Deep” & see it played out visually is almost too much.

One great thing about fashion week as a side note is that I always hear great music. This time around, I had some great things to add to my playlist.