After the last season of America’s Next Top Model, I said that I was no longer gonna watch the show. The show that I used to love.

I got sick of the over the top challenges, the colorism issues between the Black girls, the endless company and product plugging etc. It just became too much. I guess you can say that the show jumped two sharks.

Like a fool, I tuned in yesterday to catch the first show anyway. I couldn’t resist. Yes, I can be weak at times when it comes to scripted reality TV.

I’m actually happy that I watched it because I do love the photography element of the show, although they never focus on the actual work of the photographer.

What I get out of the photo shoots is the opportunity to see professionals working, guessing lighting set-ups and getting posing ideas. Mindspill

On last night’s episode, the models did not have the usual shoot with fancy wardrobe, lighting etc. Instead, it was a random session backstage before a show with wild haired super photographer Russell James.

Lastly, I liked how Tyra talked about how important it is for models to be on their game before a show jumps off because backstage is usually packed with photographers & videographers.

In this post, I’m featuring some random model portraits that I snapped backstage at the Venexiana runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The girls were ready & they were bringing it! Mindspill