Over the last couple of months during various trips to NYC, I completed my NYC Analog Portraits series.

For some strange reason, I was a little apprehensive about completing this during the winter months because I felt that winter wear (coats, hates, scarves, etc) would detract from a look that I was going for.

As I kept my eye peeled for whatever, I discovered that my initial thoughts were incorrect.

I got lucky & found some great winter subjects for the project!  Take Marlene Crawford for the perfect example who is seen here showcasing her expression of fashionable hair as an art form while rocking a classic pea coat & brightly colored knit scarf.

I was rushing to get to The Village for my Sip & See when I spotted her ahead of me.  Her beautiful head of hair caught me off guard. I was like who is that girl?

So I sped up as she attempted to cross the street. I got lucky & caught her then asked if I could photograph her (I think I startled her).  I thought she was going to say no so I was prepared for heartbreak but she gave me a second to get the shot before she rushed off to catch her train.

While I was looking at her through my viewfinder, I noticed how meticulous her hair was. It was like art. Big beautiful Afro art. And she had this B girl vibe to her.

One thing that I LOVE about the natural Black women in NYC is that they really know how to bring it with glorious looks. Marlene, thanks for representing to the fullest.

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