Last Friday while in NY, I got an invite to attend famed costume designer Patricia Field’s Disco Valentine’s Ball.  I had no idea what I was in for at all. I just knew I was going and that there was some costume contest.

So I show up to the party & before I got to the venue, I see all these fantastical costumes, then I realize that I’m seeing drag queens & something’s in between.

Once in the party, it was like I was transported into some kind of gay 80’s throwback party with freaks, geeks, queens, niggas, bitches, weed, alcohol, lines & overt sexual activity. It was quite an eyeful.

Not to let the opportunity slip by me, I pulled out my camera & worked it like I was on an assignment.

So, I’m working the crowd and make my way to the stage area & spotted Caroline from the Housewives of New Jersey. I didn’t care for her much on the show but for some reason, I got Bravo star struck.

After I spoke to her, Tabitha Coffey popped up. I love Tabitha and how she breaks janky ass people down. We actually engaged in a quick convo & took a photo together. She was AWESOME.

Next thing I know, I’m in the VIP jump off talking shit with Fern Mallis, formerly of IMG Fashion. All the while, I’m like is this real life??? Then I visually got cussed out by PR maven Kelly Cutrone & liked it.

It was quite a night! Then I touched a tranny titty. If you’re connect with me on FB, you can get a glimpse…

To see my photos from the even, click here, but don’t do so if you’re a prude, super Jesus freak or if the sight of a still born baby makes you nervous.

Pictured above: Glamour Queen, “Manila Luzon