I went, I saw, I shot, I got into a few fights, I got tired, I got recognized, I am back home.

My Mercedes Benz Fashion Week experience is over and I’m happy with how things went the second time around overall. Hopefully, you followed my journey on Facebook or Twitter and saw some of the behind the scenes action etc.

Like last season, I thought that I would share some insight with you all on how things really go. Trust me, it’s not all fun, glitzy or exciting. This is real work & after being back for 3 days, I’m still tired. Big time!!!

What went right…

– I photographed 17 shows and presentations, which added to about 5500k photos. YIKES!!!!! Uploaded about 10% of those to be viewed online. Tossed about 40% because they were duplicated & missed shots.

– I was prepared with my 1510 Pelican Case packed with all my gear. This was like the best thing ever to have at fashion week as a photographer. All of my gear at my fingertips, a seat & pedestal when needed.

– I was able to download all of my photos after each show & add the metadata immediately, which saved me soooo much time. I love you Lightroom!

– I took time out to get out of the tents and into the plaza to socialize, enjoy lunch & take photos for my NYC Analog Project.

– Backstage at the Vivienne Tam show, she approached me, and thanked me for covering her show again. Really! She remembered me from September!!! That made me happy.

– Had a great time with The NYLA Report & IconographyMag team. We kept each other company & laughing in our own lounge. Actually it was a spot on the floor but that’s just a small detail.

– The Nikon D700 camera that I rented from Foto Care was a lifesaver! I am now convinced that I need a full frame camera in my life.

– Being able to kick it with my brother & friend Jose Vilson for 6 days. Thanks for letting me crash at your crib. You have no idea how this impacted my overall experience.

What went wrong…

– Leaving my media credentials at the apartment and not being able to go back to get it. That cost me 25 bucks for a new one & this also led to me missing backstage access at the Nicholas K show. I was REALLY looking forward to that. I LOVE Nicholas K. Yeah, I cried over spilled milk… And I had to deal with Eric at the media credential office (This is another story all onto itself.).

– Had to elbow someone, as I was bum rushed from the back, then I called him a monkey bitch.

– Got into a few arguments in the press pit with some Italian photographers who were trying to rule the spot. I’m telling you, the press pit at fashion week is cut throat!!! Not for the weak at all.

– Not packing a Pepsi or Mountain Dew in my bag daily. I got soooo tired of drinking Fiji Water, plus I needed energy…

– Not many A list celebrity sightings. Tons of reality TV personalities, B list singers/actors/wannabees but no one that was like oh wow, is that…

What I need for next time…

– An assistant to hold my place in line when I’m in between shows, who can also dump my cards, keyword & sort my photos into collections in Lightroom.

– Non-diet carbonated beverages.

– A Karl Lagerfeld switchblade in case I have to cut a bitch if elbowing them is not enough.

OK, so I did say or next time but I’m like will there be a next time? The waiting, the standing, the expenses, the hauling heavy bags with no help. YIKESSSSSS. I have 6 months to get my mind right before next season. Blah…..

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