My customers are still sending in great reviews & kudos on the Quench Essentials body mousse. Hearing how people are enjoying my lotion really makes me feel good!!!

This is the latest review:

“Quench Essentials Body Mousse is “essential” for dry skin.  As a product junkie, (and an alligator about the skin) I buy and try all sorts of lotions, potions and products for dry and sensitive skin.  Quench Essentials Body Mousse is the answer.  I haven’t put this product away since I received it.  Quench Essentials Body Mousse provides plenty of moisture (as the name suggests) and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or looking greasy.  The scents are amazing (linen is my favorite so far), but not over powering and the best part is Quench Essentials Body Mousse is all natural!  Perfect for people whose skin is sensitive to everything.  As an added bonus for travelers, these products are not “liquid” or “gel” so they are safe to toss in your carry on bag.

Quench Essentials Elbows, Knees and Toes softens and moisturizes those skin areas that take the most abuse.  I had  Elbows, Knees and Toes for a week and loved it so much I carried it with me to my pedicure appointment for use in place of the nameless pink lotion they use.  The Cocoa Patti scent smells fresh and feels minty, which is great after a fresh pedicure.  The best thing about this product for me is that it doesn’t make my feet slippery or sticky.  I like my skin to feel like skin and Quench Essentials Elbows, Knees and Toes assures that those hard to maintain areas are as soft as the rest of you.” Amber Cabral

Also peep this awesome write up from Detroit area vintage maven Bethany Nixon from Reware Vintage.

So now the good news!!!! All orders over $25.00 placed by 12pm Tuesday Feb 9, 2011 get free shipping!

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