So. Yeah. I lost my mind & got a new lens… A Nikkor 24mm f/1.4……

When the lens was introduced last year, I had a mental orgasm. It was fast, beautiful & black & gold. And  when I saw this image from Bob Krist, I was like I gotsta have it! Mmmmmmmm

So although, I was excited about this lens & the possible things that I could do with it, it was point blank a budget killer at $2200.00.  So I loved it from afar. Way far!

Now, lets rewind a little to last Wednesday when I was discussing lenses with my friend Paul Giunta. I mentioned wanting & waiting for a 35mm f/1.4 lens to become available.

Since it was released last fall, I was like, that bitch is mine! Months later, it’s still nowhere to be found. Mindspill

So when talking to Paul, he questioned why the 35mm and not the 24mm. I noted the bid deal was the major price difference.  The he shot back with a reduced price spotted online, then I found one used for even less. Yes, a used lens! I have no problem with used lenses from certain vendors.

I stopped looking so I had no idea of the price drop.

With that said, I added some new glass to my arsenal for the same basic price of the lens alternative. I’m happy! Really, it is the best option since I have the 50mm. The wider range is going to be helpful

Over the last few days, I have been out & about shooting with it & it performs flawlessly. So fast, silent and light.  Nikkon made another beast!

Here is a link to some sample images that I shot.

Now, I’m done buying lenses. For real this time! Well, unless I get a sponsor