Don’t call it a comeback but…….. Quench Essentials is back.

For those of you who have been with me over the years, you know how intensely my family & I were trying to grow this business over the course of the years but as time went on, the lights went out & the doors were shut on Quench Essentials.

With our family commitments, school, work & my growing photography work, something had to be cut and the most logical thing was Quench.

It was hard letting it go but it did feel good having time to focus elsewhere.  What didn’t feel good what telling people that I was out of business and that I could not supply them with the products that they had come to love.

OK, so that was all 2009, fast-forward to this past weekend & Quench is back but not bigger.

This time I am going it alone & offering only one product now & that is the Body Mousse. It’s not as intense to make as some of the other products that were once sold & it was THE most popular.

The revival started when I ran out of my own supply of Body Mousse and needed to make more for the house.

I pulled together some fragrances, did a little sampling and decided to make them.

While mixing I posted some photos on Twitter & FB. When I was done with my final product, I posted more photos & contacted some friends to let them know.

Two hours after my first batch, I had orders for 2 more batches.  By the end of Tuesday night, I was sold out of 6 batches, out of jars & shipping boxes. YIKES.

Tuesday was also the 1st day that people started to receive their orders & the feedback was great. Moreover, my new fragrances were a hit. I cannot tell you how excited I was.

What are they saying on Twitter & FB?

“I was taking a lunchtime nap (cause I work at home). I was sleeping good (full slobber on!) when the mailman buzzed me to come get my shit!!! OMG this smells so good! Thank you for starting up Quench again, and screw Carol’s Daughter!”

“Dear Tafari Stevenson Howard, I love love love honey baby! thank you so much.”

“i l.o.v.e. HoneyBaby! da smell, da feel…LOVEIT!”

“I absolutely love both of the products! I should have ordered more…um….is it too late??”

“I LOVE the Honey Baby Body Mousse!! It is quenching my super dry winter skin. :)”

“The body mousse of @NotoriousBYG is direct competition of Carol’s Daughter. I put it up against her product ANY day. Check him out.”

“Um, I just got my new mousse in the mail, and the honey baby scent is AMAZING! Wow.”

I’m still in awe with how quick this took off!

Then I got to thinking, maybe I ought to put my website back up on a smaller scale.

My goal is to keep it simple & focus on this one product & revive two more in the spring. Basically just be seasonal offering products 3-4 times a year. Heck, I’m still trying to figure it out but I WILL NOT get stressed in the meantime.

With that said, check out my site, offerings & place that order!!!!