Yeah, I know that I am cracked out on Black Swan. Shit, it was only the best movie of 2010!

It appealed to all of my artistic senses while reminding me of my own artist metamorphosis.

I was shy, unsure but steady, kind of good enough to be noticed & attract a job or two.

Now, I am no holds barred. I see a job & I go after it. I take it. I have this toughness, this confidence, which may be bravado but I wear well. I wear it like I wear my jeans.

Many of my friends have asked me what my new years resolution is, and I simply state that it is to be bigger and badder than I was in 2010. I am the Black Photographer.

I’m doing what I want, taking what I want and the world will love me for it.

Cinii Bibi – In the beginning, there was Black. And Black has the power and transform. (Songhoy People of Mali)