I think janky was one of my grandmother’s favorite words because she used it all the time. She would say stuff like; “so and so is so damn janky,” “I don’t want that janky shit,” “bring your janky ass here,” “clean this janky mess up’ etc.

I back then, way back then did not know what janky was but I knew it wasn’t good & I loved when she said it.

In my neighborhood, everyone said janky. So I thought it was just something that people said everywhere.

Flash forward to autumn 2010 & I’m in NYC walking from Lincoln Center to Flute for cocktails with newfound friends Ty & Mike.

Along the walk, we were talking shop RE Fashion Week & just plain having a good time. At one point during the conversation, I said that something was janky. They were like what? Junky? Im like no, janky.

Then I laughed & said you don’t know what janky is? Following, I broke it down. Then I thought, was it a Detroit thing? Shit, I say it everywhere I go & no one gives me a second look. Or maybe they do & I just don’t pay attention. Or maybe everyone knew my grandmother.

So since then Ty has been throwing janky out here & there. It always makes me smile & think about that walk.

Just the other day, I tweet this “I got the most janky invite via text. The imagery gave me a migraine because it was so bad. My RSVP was YIKES!” I didn’t expect any responses but I got this and it made my day; “ #janky one of my favorite words.” And “the word of the day, everyone together now #JANKY.” I died laughing.

Don’t you just love word play!