I met Kim Waldis last spring after venturing to her new Vietnamese restaurant Dà Nang with Cousin Dee. We first heard about Dà Nang in a restaurant review in a local publication & we were both intrigued by the description of the food and flavors.

I had never tried Vietnamese cuisine before so this was a total adventure for me.

So we get to the restaurant & it was love at first bite! I was so hyped about that I posted this.

Since that initial visit, we have been back several times, even becoming somewhat of an evangelist for the place.

Along with the great food & service, I befriended Kim. Heading to the restaurant was like going to a friend’s house that served the bomb food.

Mid summer, Kim & I discussed getting together for a shoot & we were wrapped so tight in terms of scheduling that we were not able to link until late autumn.

I was really looking forward to this session.  I have seen what Kim can do in terms of the artistry of her food & how she interacts in her environment but now I can share what my world is like when I’m working.

The session went well & luckily, the late autumn weather cooperated with me. It was looking shaky for a minute there.

The one thing that sucks for me in Michigan is that you are limited to shooting out of doors between mid Nov – mid March (if you’re lucky).

Can’t wait for it to warm up again, so I that I can start booking location shoots!