I don’t follow many celebrities on Twitter partly because most of them don’t correspond with their fans or either they are modern day wannabe social media prophets.

But every now & then you may see a tweet something like this: Mindspill

The tweet was made yesterday and like some weird Kwanzaa omen, she died today of causes yet to be determined.

Like many Twitter deaths that occur on a daily basis, this had to be vetted.

After about 30 minutes of messages & phones calls the word came that it was indeed true. Lady Tee had passed onto the next phase of her existence.

The news was initially saddening, then it just became tragic.

No, I did not know Lady Tee but like so many others I am sure, her music & being penetrated my soul at some special moments.

I can literally recall when my aunt Carol got me hooked on Teena back in 1981 when “It Must Be Magic” was released. I cannot tell you how many times that  I have listened to “Portuguese Love…”

I would be lying if I said that I did not get emotional as news that TRUE R&B legend had left us.

What is it about this time of year?

At this point, I can only imagine her & Rick James sitting around talking shit & planning their next moves.

I’ll miss you Teena but your music will live on in my heart & in my music library!