So I may be an asshole for falling into believing some of what I see on “reality television.”  Point in case, I’m a big Project Runway fan and get all caught up in each season & episode.

I usually hate one person from the show for one reason or the others so during season 7 of PR, Anthony Williams was the target of my hate. Well, it wasn’t total hate because he was pretty damn funny throughout the show.

I disliked Anthony because he could not design his way out of a fabric shop. I was shocked that he was chosen to even be on the show. He simply did not represent to the fullest outside of natural comedic relief.

And I was soooooo relieved when Heidi said Aufedersein.

Fast forward to NYFW 2010 just after the Project Runway season 8 runway show where I am leaving Lincoln Center.  As soon as I exit the tents, I bump into several former PR cast members. They were being pawed by fans, posing for photos and signing autographs. It was pretty exciting to watch.

During one brief moment, Anthony had a down moment & I asked to get his photo & he was like “chile yes, come on.”  I took his photo & actually talked to him for a moment.

He was really nice & I felt guilty for thinking that his work sucked.

In a NY Post interview, Anthony stated that after the season was over that he was not going back to the ghetto. I should have asked him how things were working out for him but I was hungry so I bounced. Maybe next time.