A few weeks ago, IMG announced the dates for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 and I got all excited like I won something.  You know me so you know I get excited over the smallest shit.

Even before the announcement, my peeps at The NYLA Report and I we teasing out the idea for making the trip to NY for fashions & fun times in frigid temperatures. After the dates came out, it was on. We just had to go back!

With that said, I booked my travel accommodations and blocked out my calendar!

Fast-forward to today (12/08/2010), registration opened. Oh shit! My heart skipped a beat. Shortly after it was opened, I got the confirmation that my application was submitted. Again, more excitement!

Then, like 4 hours later, it that, I got the messages stating that I was approved along with the rest of the NYLA team.

The funny thing is that the turn around time was super quick compared to when we applied for spring/summer last fall when it took damn near a month to get confirmation. We all sat around waiting on pins and needles.

I guess they Googled our names and did our resumes this time!

Next, we wait for the show schedules to be announced, which I’m expecting sometime mid January.

I’m more excited about making my 2nd trip to fashion week vs my first because I will have some experience under my belt, can navigate better and cuss a mofo out without hesitation.

With all that I learned last season, I’m certainly going to be bigger, better and much faster!