It’s getting cold in the D so that means it is time to pull out the heavy winter fits and fast! And while I hate northern winters, I love winter clothes! Heavy sweaters, corduroys, velvet, cashmere, boots etc etc etc and SCARVES… I LOVE scarves…

My latest scarf/cowl/masterpiece is from my home girl Yokoo; knitting maven extraordinaire. Perhaps you have seen her one of the times that she has been in the New York Times

If you are not familiar with Yokoo, Gogle her name & do her resume!

I discovered Yokoo about two years ago when I was looking for a scarf on Etsy. I was hoping to find something out of the ordinary & I lucked up. Mindspill

I have a neck warmer that she made me & it is absolutely one of my favorite things to rock when the temperature dips. You may remember it from winter white self-portrait.

Anyway, I can’t wait to bust this new piece out. I know my friends are going to be like WTH are you wear but fuck them bitches. I do me. I’m the hotness, you ain’t know?