Typically, when potential clients call me for projects, I take that approach of “yes, I can do it “no matter what it is. Most recently, my yes, I can it has been to pet photography. Yikes! Tafari Stevenson-Howard pet photographer???

When I was approached by LaGaurd (exercise vests for dogs), I was reluctant to accept the job because of my intense fear of dogs both big and small.  I’ve been afraid of dogs fro as long as I remember and after being bit by one, I just have no love for them.

With that said, this past Sunday, I completed my second photo session with LaGaurd.  The first one was quite intense and dogs were all over. I was guarded but remained calm so that I could perform the job. Mindspill

At the end of the day, I was shaken slightly and relieved to go home with out any dog drama.

On the second job, I was a lot better, relaxed and ready for action. My only concern was stepping into something unpleasant. Luckily, at the end of the day everything went fine & I didn’t step into anything.

With these two jobs behind me, I am officially retired from any other pet photography. Twice was enough and my fear is back in place.

Judge me if you must…