Clearly I am getting old or maybe it is the fact that I am too far removed from pop music.  Since I stopped listening to popular radio I rarely know who all these young “singers/performers” are. My kids try to tell me but I have to tune it out. I cannot listen to their music.

Last Saturday I worked the Hob Nobble Gobble and one of the special invited guests was singer Shontelle.  When I got to the job, I got the run of show & the who’s who. When my contact mentioned Shontelle, I asked who she was & he looked at me like are you serious, you ain’t know. It was too funny.

Well apparently, I was the only one not in the know under 40 because so many people seemed to be excited by her.

Then when it was announced that she was performing, the dance floor filled like a mad house. All the while, I’m like maybe I should to at least know some popular music.

She really worked the crowd with her set but by the time it was over, I had a headache.  I can’t listen to this mess.