One of the most epic moments from this past summer was spent at the Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson party hosted by Spike Lee.

From the promos of the party, I expected it to be a great time but in reality it was so much more.

When we got to Prospect Park was bumping! People were everywhere & the Michael Jackson tunes were being pumped HARD by DJ Spinna!

MJ impersonators littered the crowd, MJ fan art was everywhere & the dancing was straight up non-stop. Mindspill

Although, I have grown very tired of MJ since his death & new found popularity, I found myself dancing & to older music of his that I was not familiar with.

Spike Lee went hard with guest appearances ranging from Al Sharpton who became a serious hype man to Snoop Dogg & Warren G who simply shut shit down. It was almost too much. Mindspill

And the most interesting thing about being there is that I randomly bumped into two of my online friends from Twitter (@Heliopolis, @huny), who are now real life friends. I love random shit. But only when it’s good random shit.

Next year, I hope to make this event again! It’s free, fun & you can dance like no one is watching! Mindspill

Found this cool blog with photos, a nice story &video. Check it out.