The semester is almost over & I am reaching the end of my rope. Paper due every week. Huge group project. Online discussions. Blah blah blah. I’m tired but the good news is that I am maintaining an A in the class.

My photography has had me on the go big time but this is a good thing cause I needs to get MONEY! I actually hope this cash flow momentum gets me through the end of December so that I can ball out when I go to NYC for fashion week in February.

Yes, NYFW is coming & I will be partnering with my people from The NYLA Report. This time around, I will be bigger, stronger & much faster. Stay tuned for updates.

Family, work, photography gig, school, faux socialite status. I’m DYING…

What’s getting me over:

  • Suite Suzy & the girls
  • Planning a quick NYC get-a-way for next month. I need to get out of Michigan! I need a creative & enriching space even if only for 3 days.
  • Two day work week next week
  • Seeing Fela on Broaway
  • A few creative projects for clients (GRINDING)
  • Displaying some of my work at a local gallery space just in time for the holidays
  • My new Nikkor 50mm lens

On an unrelated NYC note: This evening on my way home, I was in the mood for a little Gil Scott-Heron for drive time music. I was devastated to find that I had none on my iPhone! How did that happen?  When I got home I fired up my GSH playlist & started wondering how he went from loving New York in his “New York City” song (1976) to saying that New York was killing him in his “New York Is Killing Me” (2010).