On a late summer night in NYC, I had one of the most horrific nights of my life! I was tired, hungry but I was looking pretty damn good as I made my way across the city.

Yeah, I was looking good but something went totally wrong with my pimp boots.  My feet were not feeling the best after standing on them all day working but I had to wear my pimp boots out. I took them to NYC so that I could rock them HARD.

So I’m making my way spot to spot & as time went on, all I could think about was taking off them damn boots!

Then get lost in some neighborhood near SoHo & I’m damn near tears from hunger & foot pain. I kinda just wanted to die but I had to keep walking. Actually, I think I did shed a tear or two.

I then stumble upon a bunch of packed restaurants. I was so ready to cool my heels and grub. But yeah, none of that happened. Seemed like every restaurant had a 1-2 hour wait so I kept walking.

As I was strolling in pain, I walked upon a street party hosted by Revlon for Fashion’s Night Out.  It kind of seemed like some oasis of music and drink.

As I got closer, my mood a little better cause the DJ was JAMMING!

Then the DJ saved my life when he played “New Bell” by Manu Dibango.  This damn is like almost 40 years old & still a hot disco banger!

Long story short is that I limped away from the dancing, found some quick food and made it back to my room around 2am.

My friends whom I stayed with were like how was your night and all I could say was, never take your pimp boots out of town if you want to have a good time.