I wrote this post a few days ago but was debating on posting it. That Debate ended today when I learned that the Detroit chapter of the NAACP got shut down today. I got many calls, text messages & FB notices.

Is this why I couldn’t get a call back???

I’m not one to make light of another’s misfortune but I will neither confirm nor deny that I put Ms Celie’s curse on the Detroit chapter of the NAACP.

OK, now to the original point….
My recent post about my experience voting in the 2010 midterm elections opened up a Pandora’s box for me but in good ways.

Responses that I have received caused me to do some self-reflection, ponder why political correctness may or may not be a good thing & question the relevance of the NAACP.

The point of this post will focus on my feelings on the NAACP since my incident.

To date, it has been seven days since I attempted to contact the civil rights organization & I have still not received a response. Sigh!

Is this how the NAACP conducts business? Has this type of diss occurred elsewhere? Well, the answer is yes. David, a reader/commenter recently shared his experience with me where the NAACP failed to follow up after a noose was left at his home. Read the details here…

OK, I moved on somewhat from my disappointment with the NAACP but that has not stopped me from talking about their lack of communication.

The other day on Facebook I posted this:

“Am I the only young person of color that doesn’t understand or see the need of the NAACP. I mean, what do they do these days? Was burying the “N” word the last big thing they did? #outoftouch”

The post was largely rhetorical but it got some good responses.  It all boils down to the NAACP not being my grandmother/mother’s NAACP of action & equality. It now seems to be an organization that makes untimely statements, takes up few causes while dying bit by bit every year as the organization grays.

After a few comments to the to my FB post, I got this snippet from “Ain’t That the Truth” (2003) from my friend Dee Jones.

“ I’m all for the advancement of colored folk but oftentimes I see the NAACP as hypocritical. Its leaders have on one hand yelled long and loud about there not being enough opportunities for Blacks on TV and in movies. Yet they’ve often tried to dictate what images are being portrayed by lucratively employed Blacks in jobs that the NAACP supposedly fought hard for them to obtain. Their solution is time and again to protest and boycott network shows starring blacks because the content isn’t to the liking of a big shot high up in the organization or a financial contributor. Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have been admonished for not being champions of ‘Black’ causes due to their wealth and stature. Leaders of the NAACP should be role models and not defeatists. Individuals have the right to determine what and when they want to give or who will represent them and most black people will tell you that they don’t want the NAACP or Farrakhan as that representation.

The protest over the movie Barber Shop, spearheaded by the NAACP was epic. In the movie, a Black American character stated that “all Rosa Parks did was sit her ass down”, and that Martin Luther King Jr. was “a ho”. Those statements may or may not be true but every measure was taken to attempt to have them stricken from the movie before it was released on video. That controversy may or may not have had a negative impact on the Black people who wrote, produced and directed that film. My opinion is that if the NAACP really gave a damn about Rosa Parks, they would’ve intervened a long time ago in the exploitive treatment of her by her handlers who’ve been criticized for parading her around Detroit in a wheelchair for several years while allegedly profiting from her sitting down on that bus in Montgomery, Alabama. After all, that is part of the reason for establishing this entity, isn’t it? To aide blacks in need of assistance, especially those who are being taken advantage of.

No Accountability Amongst Colored People could be the new acronym for the NAACP abbreviation. As a race, we often tend to discourage the advancement of our own people while seeking to gain as much as we can for ourselves individually. We then flaunt our superiority and deep down inside we don’t care about the have-nots, especially when we’ve got our own personal needs met. Negroes will blame their shortcomings on others without realizing that collectively they’ve made no real effort to improve upon their negative situation. The NAACP should be that hand that reaches out to pick up those who have fallen behind, yet it seems to be the hand that gravitates to the religious sector and those able to make contributions.

Where is the NAACP when they aren’t looking for donations or fighting the battle of a chosen few from a pulpit? Some might even say that if you aren’t a card carrying member, you don’t count. I’d love to see the NAACP as less about politics and religion and more about the advancement of a unified race of creative yet disparaged, downtrodden second class citizens. Rise up and truly represent black people! And not just during Black History Month.”

OK, I’m dropping the mic on this topic & walking away screaming sexual chocolate cause I’m a gansta rapper bitch!