I talked with my township clerk; Karen Lovejoy Roe moments ago & she informed me that she is the person that is supposed to resolve my complaint of voter intimidation not the county or state. To date she has fired John Barr; the poll worker who thinks that everyone with locked hair is a gangsta’ rapper and she has learned that he has a recent run-ins with the po-po involving guess what? Inappropriate behavior!

Karyn also stated that John Barr has some mental issues/possible TBI (HELLOOOOO). Still, there is no excuse! His ass should have not been working at the poll.

She then asked if I was satisfied with her actions. I told her yes but I would like to see some type of diversity training in place for polling place workers before the next election.

She is going to talk to the county official that handles the poll worker training to see what can be done to get something in place as she agreed that this was a good idea. She also identified other issues that need to be addressed because of the growing mixed population in my area.

Before we got off the phone, she asked if I completed my poll worker application. My answer: Ummmmmm, no! That is too much work for $9.50, plus I’m too fancy for that.

I hate that this incident occurred but I am strangely thankful that it happened to me; someone who is willing to fight until there are results!

Anyway, I’m satisfied & looking forward to the follow up…

Drama over but as a Karate expert, I still say fuck the NAACP!

Lastly, the other night, I was a guest on the African American Pundit’s “African American Pundit’s Political Slugfest” show. I discussed this incident and other things surrounding color aroused racism. Check out the show here. It’s entertaining, funny & informative. Plus, you may be surprised to hear what I’m expecting from the NAACP.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me over the last two weeks as all of the drama was popping off. It has certainly been an experience!