I’ve wanted an orchid plant for many years but was always afraid that I would be unsuccessful at keeping it alive.

Every time, I saw one for sale, I would contemplate seriously but did not want to spend all kinds of dollars only to watch it wilt away.

A few weeks ago, while at Whole Foods, I ran upon the perfect deal; moth orchids for 13 bucks!  At that price, I could not resist.

I’m currently on my second set of blooms & they are gorgeous! Every time I see the flowers, I smile.  I’m hoping to stumble upon some cool orchid pots to sex up the look a bit.

Over the weekend while out & about, I spotted this slipper orchid & almost purchased it on a major impulse. I had to talk myself down & that took a good 45 minutes to do.  I wound up walking away hurt. I just couldn’t justify 35 bucks for a single bloom but it was so damn pretty!

Maybe next time, I’ll just do it.