I met Kimora Lee Simons back in Sept at Mercedes Benz Fashion week backstage after the Zac Posen Z-Spoke show.

Before she walked in my direction, she did a mini slinky inky catwalk & the crowd was all abuzz.  It was fun to watch. She was bad ass & tall as hell!

So once she got close enough & made eye contact, I said “hey boo” (it just came out). She was like hey!  From there we had a great little convo. (get that backs story here)

I didn’t know what to expect from her in terms of personality but she was not the crazed uber diva that I have heard about around the internet.

She was someone I would totally love to brunch real hard with on any given Sunday!

Before we parted ways, I asked if I could photograph her & she was down. I then pull out my Mamiya & get all up on her. She was like come on baby step back a little & get this shot, I’m not going anywhere.

Before I got home after the trip, I realized that my ISO was set incorrectly (set at 100 & my film was 400). I hoped that this was one of the shots that wasn’t ruined and it was not.

It’s a little underexposed but the end results makes me feel good & it conjures up a fun memory.

So Kimora, if you’re reading this, call me in February boo. Let’s do lunch or something during fashion week.