Yesterday, I kicked off a busy weekend photographing University of Michigan student, rapper, blogger, retail entrepreneur and soon to be model Julian Edward Toles. And oh yea, he’s my baby cousin.

Julian is a classic Stevenson (family name) because he is artistic & has so many interests that no one can keep up with him.

Working with Julian was really interesting because he was actually the first guy that I had a full session with. I’m used to telling women how to pose so this was a unique but not to out of the box challenge.

Even with my slight handicap if you even want to call it that, I feel good about the final results. Not only that, I had fun with my baby cousin.

On a fun note & in true family fashion, my aunt saw some of the photos & she said that she wanted a photo session. I hope she does cause Tafari needs some cash for this NYC trip…

Do I have what it takes to help make a male model? I don’t know but I’s sho gone try.

See a few outtakes here.