Let’s face it; we all have biases and prejudices. Show me the person that does not & I will show you someone who is in denial.

After I was confronted this week by a racist, I started to think of how PC our world has become and how that is not necessarily a good thing.

I was confronted by someone who formed a bias, held it to be true and felt free expressing it.  Was he wrong? Perhaps not. This is America and we have the freedom of speech.

Was he tacky & hurtful? Yes! Totally a case of wrong time, wrong place & wrong person…..

Putting politics and the implications of his actions aside, our PC world is troubling at times especially when you have to walk on egg shells out of fear of hurting someone’s feeling (See Juan Williams & Rick Sanchez).

In honesty, I would much rather deal with someone who is upfront with their prejudices so that I best know how to interact with them vs. facing a snake in the grass in any arena.

Using my hair as a platform since it seems to be a source of attention and most recently drama, I find myself having to constantly defend against prejudices from a diverse range of people.  Sometimes when confronted, I education, others I ignore & at times, I am not as nice as I probably should be out of frustration.

Yeah, I have locked hair but that DOESN’T mean that:

  • I am a gansta rapper (NEW)
  • I smoke & carry weed
  • I don’t wash my hair
  • Have hair extensions
  • You can touch my hair
  • I don’t work as professional
  • Wasn’t born and raised in America
  • I am a Rastafarian
  • I have Dreadlocks
  • I won’t tell you to Google my name and do my resume

I’m so tired of these stereotypes, ignorance & stupidity. Let me stop here!