I wish that I could sugar coat my week somehow but it is just totally impossible. It is what it is.

Since I’ve been back from DC, Ive been battling a wretched cold completed with (shakes, shivers, running nose, sneezing, broken blood vessel in my nose, headache, blah blah blah), accidentally hit a parked car at work after I sneezed & oh, I was racially profiled by a poll worker when I went to vote Tuesday (more on that later) etc etc etc.

I’ve just been a bad space.

Even in the midst of all this drama & my dramatical reaction to it all (I like saying dramatical), I had some good things float through this week. I picked up a nice contract to work an event in a few weeks, confirmed three photo sessions for this weekend, got an A on my business ethics mid-term exam, I was invited to display some of my work in a new space (details later) & I was well enough to attend the Detroit Parade Company’s VIP pancake breakfast this morning.

As I prepare to be rested for the work I have set up this weekend, I understand that there is always sunshine after the rain.