Last night, I rushed home to catch the season finale of Project Runway (season 8). Since Project Runway has been on Lifetime, I have not been as excited about the show generally but I still watched. I guess I really just don’t like Lifetime.

Anyway, this post is really about me being pissed off at how the show’s judges season after season diss contestants of color who show cultural/ethnic and or urban looks.

Korto, Mondo, Emilo, Andy and a few others.

I might be crazy but the judges really seem to like collections that are very Eurocentric.

Maybe I just need to stop watching the show al together to avoid a) Lifetime & b) getting pissed off that designers of color get looked over.

On another note, I really did enjoy seeing the runway presentations! Being there at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year kinda made me feel part of the process in a weird way. Not only was I tuned in every week but I got to see the collections in the flesh.

Diversity sigh….