Over the weekend, I covered Fashion in Detroit at the Motor City Casino located in Detroit.

I was pretty excited about working this event because last year I had such a great experience and saw many great runway shows.

This time around my expectations were set pretty high considering FID learned and grew since the last GREAT production.  Tons of people I knew were really pumped about the event(s).

Well…….. I really feel sorry to say that all of my expectations were NOT met. Actually, I left yesterday feeling empty and saddened.

The event itself had high production value, which was VERY evident. You saw all of the effort that the organizers poured into the event but from my standpoint, but overall, it was just not a good look.

On Friday, I received text messages about the press pit, which was about the size of my large walk in closet. That made me nervous!  When I arrived I almost died when I saw the pit. It was almost a joke. It was so small that you could see and feel everyone breathing. It was just not good at all!

Ok, so I got over the press pit thing, but still. Yikes! Last year was just so much better!

Then, you had one of the worst runways that I had ever seen. There were two points where the models had to step down 2-3 steps. It was like part cardio workout, part runway show.  Making matters worse was the fact that models were looking down on most of my shots because they were trying to be mindful of all the steps. Last year was just so much better!

Speaking of steps, the runway had rails that were visually distracting (ugly) but due to the stairs/building codes the rails were necessary. Oh, and dare I mention that models were holding onto the rails as they made their way down. O_O

I’m not even going to speak on the cleanliness of the runway. I just won’t! The Virgo in me is dying to rant about it though…

Moving along… Many of the models were totally new at runway work and it showed. Watching them practice broke my heart to no end. At one point I thought I was watching a BAD episode of America’s Next Top Model. Then, I started to wonder if Ms. J was going to come out of nowhere and send all them bitches home.

On a positive note, no one fell. But….this one girl did do some weird disco spin, like two full revolutions. I got dizzy just watching!

Overall, everywhere I turned, I saw something that just made me sigh. There is just no way to compare this event to New York Fashion Week – not at all!

Detroit has a long way to go, however, I am happy to see that groups are trying to highlight the fashion scene in Detroit and I applaud FID for making strides.

If there is a next year for this event I would like to see:

  • Better and experienced models
  • Runway maintenance
  • A flat runway (HELLLLOOOO)
  • Consistent runway lighting
  • A proper press pit
  • No props on the runway
  • Cheaper or no admission fees (who pays to see a runway show anyway)
  • Professionally prepared media credentials
  • NO announcements and constant accolades between shows (this is not church)
  • A weekend only schedule (this is Detroit not NYC/MIA/LA, people work M-F)
  • A more comprehensive marketing plan that would peg the event as a must attend regional event

Hmmm, I’ll stop here…

And no, I am not being some kind of know-it-all who attended the pinnacle of all fashion events and is all that. I just expect shit to be great no matter what!

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