I wouldn’t call myself an Apple product whore but I kinda am. I have 3 Apple computers, iPhone & a bunch of BS accessories.  I watch all of the broadcasts & follow a few Apple product blogs like a fool but I have to admit that I find it all fun.

Yesterday during the most recent keynote, I found myself not too impressed with the latest product announcements but I did get rather excited about FaceTime being available for Mac.

As soon as I got home, I installed it on my MacBook Pro & tested it out. It was pretty neat. Much later in the evening, I had a FB chat with my good friend Shades who’s in Torino, Italy working on several projects.

During the chat, I told him about FaceTime for Mac; minutes later we were face to face.

Although we had FaceTimed previously, It was nice not having to hold my phone while doing so & having the ability to multi-task online etc.

We talked for a while and before you knew it, the sun was rising over Italy. We literally talked the night away internationally at no cost to either of us. Mindspill

Technology is fucking AWESOME!