Spring of 2009 I met Linda & Max Wolff when I photographed their surprise wedding. It was a such a fun event & I really enjoyed working with this great couple.

At the time of wedding, Linda was about 3-4 months pregnant so she was a glowing for more than one reason.

Fast forward to autumn of the same year and baby Camila was born.

Now baby Camila is 1 year old…. Mindspill

Linda recently called me to take family portrait & I was so excited.  Actually I felt special in all honestly. Photographing their wedding and to being called back to record the growth of their family really put a smile in my heart.

You know I have photographed a few children but I am by no means a specialist, however I was ready for this challenge.

The job of keeping baby Camila was eased with the help of Max & Linda who kept her smiling as I prepared here for her close up (OK, that was cheesy). Mindspill

Overall, I am very happy with how my images turned out & Camila’s parents loved them so I will say mission accomplished.