Many, many weeks ago while in NYC, I was coming up from the subway at City Hall with one thing on my mind. & that was getting to J&R to purchase new earphones because I lost my only pair somewhere along the way. I was a little mad at myself for losing them because I spent 50 bucks on them bitches.

So as soon as Up I come up, I hear this loud music. I’m like what’s going on?  Then as I get closer to he music, I was like is that live music? Is that Leela James? Then I spot this rent-a-cop & asked if there was live music somewhere.  He pointed in the direction of the sound & said it sure is. I then asked if it was Leela James. He said I don’t know who it is but she is too damn loud.

As I got closer to the source of the sound, I saw this big stage & it WAS Leela James performing. I’m like serious. On the random like this for free???

Well, I got there at the tail end of her performance just about the time she entered the crowd.  I took this chance to try to get a quick snapshot with my Mamiya.

It was knid of difficult because she was moving fast as hell & the crowd was thick but I let it do what it do & got this anyway. Mindspill

So the performance is over & I’m packing up my things as I walk away.

While making moves a woman called out to me. I looked & wondered what was up.

She said, you look familiar, and I explained that I was from Detroit.  She was then like do you know so and so. I was like yeah I do… Then I was like do you know so & so…

Before you know it, we made the connection that we know each other various online music communities, Twitter, Flickr AND mutual friends.  Talk about random huh? Bumping into an online friend out of the millions of people in NYC.

It was exciting meeting in real life my girl Pamela Nichols of One Nation Under The Soul Shack!

With the connection established we began talking photography & music like old friends & it was refreshing.

Lucky for me, Pam is a regular at J&R so she helped me find my new earphones with the quickness.

Before we parted ways, I got Pam to pose for my street portraits series; surely a welcomed addition.

After we parted ways, I headed to drop off my camera gear, charge my phone a bit then meet my family out at Coney Island.

Before I got on the train headed to Coney Island, Suite Suzy was like where were you. I told her It was a long story that started with train delays, train mix ups, a concert in the park & meeting a friend. Long story right?

2 hours after meeting Pam, I arrived at Coney Island via the N train. It was a long fucking ride. Like maybe an hour. Coney Island is another story that I will get into on an upcoming post. It was a MESS! A good & bad mess at the same time though.

BTW, I know my Leela James photo is WAY out of focus so please don’t judge me. I’m already sensitive about it. 🙂