So the Roots concert with Chaka Khan, QTip & nem’ was absolutely off the chain!

At points, I had to stop shooting so that I could dance my ass off. And I danced a lot! Actually I danced so much that I can still feel it now because my left ankle is killing me like never before!

Anyway, so the concert is officially over & Chaka Khan has left the stage in all of her glory but The Roots, QTip, Jay Electronica & nem’ all back out on the stage to say goodbye & greet fans. It was an awesome gesture.

The hands reaching for the stage, which included mine looked like a tide moving in an ebb & flow pattern.

While all this greeting etc was going on, I noticed Questlove signing his drumsticks. Moments later he was tossing them in to the excited crowd. My friend Nurse Angie was lucky enough to snag one.

After the drumsticks were tossed out, the rest of the band started tossing out towels & people were snatching them up. I’m like who wants a sweaty towel? Seriously?

OK, while this was going on, I noticed Questlove grabbing a stack of drumheads, which he started to draw on.

I was like, if he tosses those out into the crowd, I’m totally going home with one.

He tosses one & I miss it. He tosses two & I miss it. He tosses three right in my direction & I jumped like a fat black ass gazelle into the air to catch that bitch!

As soon as I had it in my hand, people started trying to snatch it away from me. And all of this was happening before I landed.

Next thing you know I went Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on them bitches tossing elbows left & right. I totally reverted back to my street fighting days.

Once the drumhead was secured & I was firmly on the ground, I shouted “back off bitches, WESTSIDE.” Yes, I did. I felt so hood but I didn’t give a fuck.
A little bit later, I’m back stage & I see Questlove & I held up the drumhead with pride. He was like oh, you caught that huh?

I was all caught up in the moment. So caught up that as I was leaving to head home I didn’t realize that I was not carrying the drumhead.

As soon as I realized that, I mad a mad dash back to get MY STUFF. Lucky me! It was still there & the cleaning crew were about to toss it.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that the band was also tossing out the playlist sheet & I was quick enough to grab one.

So now the plan now is to get the drumhead framed. I don’t even want to know how much that’s gonna run me.